Regen / BV / GER
BO JAHSON Hometown:
Duisburg / NRW / GER
Bass | BackUp Vocals
MAX ROXTON Hometown:
Burghausen / BV / GER
Lead Vocals | Guitar
Saarlouis / SL / GER
Lead Guitar | BackUp Vocals

‘It doesnt matter what happens to you. What really counts is how you deal with it, to become stronger in the end’.

Thats the quintessence of the debut album from the German Newcomer ‘7 Mazes’ which, after a one-year lasting writing process, join in the Alternative Rock / Metal Scene alongside the likes of Alter Bridge, Black Stone Cherry and Foo Fighters. And they seem to feel quiet comfortable there, as you may hear with the already released singles, titled ‘Weakness’ and ‘Light it up’,  until the full release of their first album ‘Stronger in the end’ on 26.05.2017. But the four thouroughbred musicians ‘Max Roxton’ (Vocals / Guitar), ‘Daniel Davis’ (Lead Guitar / Back Up Vocals), ‘Bo Jahson’ (Bass / Back Up Vocals) and ‘Val Pine’ (Drums) are not just musically convincing all along the line. They take a firm stand at the present global political situation and roast medial manipulation and prejudices throughout their debute feature as well.

‘We believe that as an artist, one major task is to connect people. No matter the origin, gender or age; we are all individuals with rough edges and flaws. And thats what defines each one in his unique way. Its about real emotions, true stories and real music.’

‘7Mazes’, whether firm riffs, stomping beats and breakdowns, or soulfull -in the heart- rock anthems. A special musical treat ‘Made in Germany’.

It’s this living authenticity and the capability to reach and touch people deep inside, which makes them a true enrichment for the musical scene.


Rock on…